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100% Whey Grand 700g

950 ден1,100 ден (-14%)

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High content of 24.84g of protein per serving
Excellent solubility
Delicious flavors
Very low sugar content


Product information

WHEY GRAND is a product that should be the basis for the supplement of a real athlete. With this protein nutrient, post-workout regeneration will be as it should – quickly and effectively. The combination of whey protein concentrate – a form trusted by millions of people around the world – with isolation, that is, a fast-absorbing protein form guarantees noticeable results. WHEY GRAND consumed after training in a fast pace will provide our body with amino acids necessary for the regeneration process, and consumed during the day will significantly increase the amount consumed and assimilated by the body protein.

Flavors : hazelnut,
Dietary supplement, contains sweeteners.


Dispense a single serving of 30 g (2 scoops) in 200 ml water or milk, using a shaker or a mixer. Apply 3 servings a day.

On training days : 1st serving in the morning after waking, 2nd serving to 1.5 hours. After workout and 3rd portion before bed.
On non – workout days : 1st serving in the morning after waking, 2nd serving between meals and 3rd serving at bedtime.

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100% Whey Grand 700g

950 ден1,100 ден (-14%)