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Healthy articular cartilage needs the right nutrition. The required nutrients must be sufficiently present in the body.

Application of Ch Alpha drinking ampoules

Healthy articular cartilage needs the right nutrition. The required nutrients must be sufficiently present in the body. Particularly heavily loaded joints – be it through sports, occupational stress, obesity or hereditary disposition – usually have an increased need for nutrients. With age, the articular cartilage becomes increasingly susceptible to wear. CH-Alpha® was developed to support natural regeneration. The ready-to-drink food supplement CH-Alpha® contains a specially developed collagen hydrolyzate from GELITA Health Products. A drinking ampoule CH-Alpha® daily supplies the articular cartilage with regenerating builders. Scientific studies show that the collagen hydrolyzate CH-Alpha® is absorbed very well by the body,
Collagen hydrolyzate is extracted from egg white collagen in a natural process. The special feature of collagen hydrolyzate is the composition of the amino acids, which corresponds to that of collagen in human articular cartilage. The role of collagen hydrolyzate as an ideal building material supplier for the regeneration and assembly of articular cartilage has therefore been discussed for a long time and has now been confirmed by new experimental findings. Application:
The daily consumption of a ready-to-drink ampoule supplies the body with the recommended daily dose of ten grams of the special collagen hydrolyzate CH-Alpha®. It can be done independently of a meal or time of day. Side effects or interactions are unknown. In rare cases, flatulence or diarrhea may occur after ingestion. The dietary supplement CH-Alpha® is also suitable for diabetics. Each ampoule contains To keep his joints permanently fit, a long-term use of this supplement is recommended. In particular, with regular, heavy load on the joints – by performance or elite sports, occupational stress, obesity or hereditary disposition – it makes sense to compensate for the increased nutrient requirement of the joints daily by CH-Alpha®. CH-Alpha® should be taken for at least three months. Characteristics of the collagen hydrolyzate CH-Alpha® CH-Alpha®

  • is characterized by a particularly high bioavailability
  • possesses optimal molecular structure to stimulate new formation of collagen in articular cartilage (peptide size ~ 3.5 kDalton)
  • is ideal as a building block for the regeneration of cartilage tissue stimulates the formation of collagen in cartilage cells
  • has no known interactions with other foods or with medications
  • has no known side effects

Active ingredients / Ingredients / Ingredients

Ingredients of Ch Alpha ampoules :
10 g collagen hydrolyzate
acesulfame, potassium salt excipient (+)
ascorbic acid excipient (+)
citric acid, anhydrous excipient (+)
fructose excipient (+)
barley nalt extract extract (+)
sodium cyclamate excipient (+)
Water, purified excipient (+)
potassium sorbate auxiliary (+)
flavorings, natural and nature identical excipient (+)


In case of known hypersensitivity to any of the above ingredients, this product should not be used.


Recommended dosage of Ch Alpha Trinkampullen  :
: Take a daily ampoule to himself. Regular intake over a longer period (3 months) is recommended.

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Ch Alpha Drinking Ampoules 1 pcs